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Custome Dress Shirts

Custom Dress Shirts

Shirts have become an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Every job requires a nice dress shirt if not during some blue collar jobs but at least during an interview. A well tailored dress shirt complements your suit, jacket and blazers. However the fashion industry have realized the importance of a well tailored dress shirt and that is why there is a sharp increase in the dress shirt manufacturing.

Quality of a dress shirt plays a major role in what is available in the market. There are off the rack shirts that are available in Departmental stores that are made according to the sizes of an average man therefore present fitting issues. Then you have the customized dress shirt that take into account every curve of your body the size therefore giving you a perfect fit but run a bit expensive in comparison to a ready made shirt. Recently there has been an introduction of a third type of shirt called the MTM or known as (Made To Measure) shirts these are also tailored and present you with a perfect fit and with a quality of the fabric. The biggest advantage being their price is in between the former two and so you have the luxury of a fine quality shirt that fits you and does not break your bank.


The making of a custom dress shirt starts from the selection of the premium fabric such as the Egyptian cotton also known as the Giza cotton one of the finest in the world. The main reason people prefer this cotton or any cotton is that natural structure of cotton gives you that breathing room for your body and is very comfortable in any season. Then comes the most visible part of the shirt under Neath a suit is the collar and cuff the fine construction and detail stitching can only be achieved in a customized dress shirt.

Different collar and cuff styles can enhance the look of your shirt depending on your choice such as a French cuff with cuff links gives your shirt a formal and crisp look. Most of the quality brands offer you 18 to 21 stitches per inch indicating the fine craftsmanship where as ready made shirts are stitched with 12 to 14 inches on an over lock machine for mass production so they don’t present the luxury of detailed craftsmanship that can be achieved with a single needle stitching.

Ready made shirts present many issues mainly being the size fitting of the shirt the availability of certain colors , designs and styles these all can be rectified by a MTM or Custom tailored shirt and now days available at a manageable price.

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George Clooney: The style icon

Aged 52, the actor, director, writer and producer has not lost an ounce of its elegance. With a filmography that continues to grow, George Clooney has become in a few years one of the smartest actors in Hollywood.

George Cloony

George Cloony

From its beginnings in Emergencies in its passage through the Ocean’s saga, George proven. Today showing the new film by Alfonso Cuarón alongside Sandra Bullock: Gravity, the actor broke his own record at the box office with over $ 200 million in revenue. A new movie for Clooney who plays this time the comic and secure astronaut him, Matt Kowalski.


A perfect opportunity to look back on the essential George Timothy Clooney class and at the same time detect the secrets of such success.

Sublimate a suit or older with class

George quickly swapped his nursing gown for a classic costume.
By the early 2000s, the actor revealed indeed an assertive and more masculine especially worthy style mafia “Danny Ocean” in the trilogy Steven Soderbergh. Chaining previews and gala evenings, the actor appears therefore at that time very simple and classic but looks very successful. The perfect look of quarantine will avoid some discrepancies, which sticks to the skin and allow it to age with class. Indeed, it is today with Johnny Depp members of this generation fifties who are among the most stylish men of the past 30 years. Somehow the example for all thirties who would be afraid to take a few wrinkles.


So be simple, play the card classic colors and as George, the suit will not betray you.

Hair Evolution: From the mullet cut salt and pepper


Before becoming the elegant Hollywood star he is today, the road was long for our dear George, went through a difficult childhood where it is found in stereotypical geek U.S. 80/90.
The bowl cut copper mule to cut through the mid-length hair, the American actor could have made its appearance in the club Dorothy.


Resurrection in 1994 with the arrival of Dr. Doug Ross on ER, a role that did radiate to the general public. It was time for the actor to make a class more picture: the image of chic and cool man but still simple.

After several years in the series ER, the actor appears as the Ocean’s Eleven mafia gentleman in 2001. The person shaves mustache worship O’Brother and adopts the color salt and pepper cutting, curved blazer and bow tie. George Clooney and Danny Ocean do more then one. Clooney just looking beyond the quarantine at this time and is at the same time one of the most popular men of the moment.

Transgenerational muse.

The native of Kentucky becomes the target of all advertisers. His clothing style, charm and natural class and above are seduced sale.
In 2006, Nespresso will play in a black two-piece suit in a TV spot that will make the famous “What Else” brand. A campaign that will enable him to win between 5 and 6 million in the first game. Enough to buy a nice collection of blazers for the first of his films …
Few million who have made this country one of the most successful in recent years with a 30% increase in sales and a reward for Nespresso Grand Prix Effie advertisers in 2009. Despite the chic image Clooney brings to the brand, the contract should be stopped this year according to the newspaper Les Echos and a question remains: “Who Else? “

T he actor also became in 2007 the brand ambassador of Omega watches, belonging to the Swatch Group. After Pierce Brosnan or Nicole Kidman, George represents perfectly the watch and especially the customers of that mark. So for 6 years now that the actor’s Ocean saga joined the “family” Omega alongside Greg Norman (golfer) Michael Phelps (swimmer) or dummy Cindy Crawford.


With his charisma, elegance and talent, George Clooney is now one of the most sought actors. Without being at the forefront of fashion, it manages to clear an essential class with relaxation, allowing him to win advertising contracts with major brands.
His clothing style and age make him a very interesting character for advertisers, attractive a very specific socio-professional category and being idealized by both men and women.
The actor is now one of the icons of cinema but also the masculine style.